Our Partners

 AMIGA Montessori Partners

Todquest Edtech 101

Todquest Edtech 101 is a young but growing edtech company that is committed to providing high-value products and solutions that help our customers simplify their day-to-day business. Our development team has zeal and experience to transform your ideas into end to end SaaS products. We understand the technology and also appreciate that it is a means to reach the epitome of success. We provide our partners with the right technology choice for their business needs and growth by remaining technology agnostic. Currently, Todquest Edtech 101 has embarked on an ambitious project of designing a boutique of software suite for the childcare industry. It is an end to end solution, making the utmost use of AI and Analytics as a tool.

Bernacci Education Managment

Bernacci Education Management Pty Ltd (Bernacci) specialises in establishing, operating and managing on behalf of its clients, high quality Early Childhood Education Centres that are focused on delivering a balanced Montessori Educational Philosophy in long day care formats throughout Australia.

Bernacci is affiliated with the highly respected AMIGA Montessori brand, which is family owned and which has over a dozen centres across Australia, which consistently achieve “Exceeding in All Areas” in their annual Education Department (DET) audits.

Business Lighthouse

At Business Lighthouse we take pride in our ability to become part of our client’s team. We enjoy developing a thorough understanding of client’s businesses, so we can fully support operations and strategic thinking and even more so, we enjoy watching our client’s grow!

Our Virtual Finance Department service means that clients can not only access a broad range of skill sets any time of the week, it is also at an affordable rate.


In an exciting new development, AMIGA Montessori has decided to pioneer a program where they offer their staff members free myDNA reports.

These reports do not look at disease risk, instead they profile an individual’s key DNA markers and explain how they can help guide fitness and diet choices.

“AMIGA teaches in the tradition of Maria Montessori, who was a pioneer in education. Now we are building on this pioneering drive in being the first Long Day Care facility in Australia to partner with myDNA. We hope to help our teams to better understand how they can improve their wellbeing and that of their families. In doing so we hope also to make a positive impact on their day to day teaching of young children in the AMIGA Montessori schools”

AMIGA Montessori is following in the footsteps of Levi Strauss, Salesforce, General Electric Appliances and others in providing DNA screening as an innovative employee benefit.

The individualised reports will provide the basis for a personalised educational tool that can encourage employees to proactively manage their health. This can lead to a more productive and engaged workforce.

The hope is that the myDNA reports will kickstart a broader discussion about health and wellbeing that will filter through the AMIGA Montessori organisation.