September 2020


[1] LOCKDOWN 2.0

Victoria is currently in a second Lockdown, with restrictions to who can access Childcare during this time. In essence only families that are working in an essential service that cannot care for their children at home and/ or children that may be vulnerable or at risk are able to have children in Care during this time. These families must have proof to support their ability to access care, either in the form of a Permit or by other means – a full outline of these conditions can be accessed here:




We expect this Lockdown to end on Sunday 13th  September, however we will be following the ongoing advice we receive form the Victorian Government to guide us regarding any and all restrictions.




Important information regarding enrolment and fees during this time:

  • All enrolled children will retain their spot in the Centre;
  • They will continue to receive online learning materials; and
  • All GAP FEES WILL BE WAIVED for absences up to the allowable amount per annum (for families that are eligible for CCS payable to the Centre only).
  • children will continue their learning via our online materials
  • AMIGA will continue to receive essential CCS funding from the Government for each child enrolled, which is used to pay our staff, and
  • our community will be supported throughout this trying time.




At AMIGA, the physical and psychological health and wellbeing of our children and staff are always our primary concern. In order to mitigate the risks posed by the current COVID-19 situation, we have increased our already stringent hygiene and safety measures to protect our staff and children.






The measures we have implemented include:

  • The wearing of masks for our staff and Educators as recommended by the Health Department and Victorian Government.
  • Introducing mandatory temperature and health checks on each child upon arrival. This is an unprecedented preventative measure that will achieve a far greater degree of safety.
  • Implementation of a COVID 19 Hygiene Action Plan, as stipulated as a Government requirement during this Lockdown
  • Adhering to our robust public health approved infection control procedures, with ongoing training for all staff
  • The provision of hand sanitisers upon arrival and throughout the centre
  • Heightened enforcement of children and staff hygiene, such as regular and thorough hand washing in-line with Government advice
  • Our centres have always been, and will continue to be cleaned with hospital grade cleaning products by experienced teams at the conclusion of each day
  • Some children may be feeling a heightened sense of anxiety or stress during this time. However, enabling them to continue with their normal schooling routine in their familiar environment will lessen these effects. In addition, our staff are trained to speak with children calmly and reassuringly about any form of stress or anxiety they may be suffering.

Exclusion Policies and Social Distancing:

    • The suspension of all incursions and excursions for the foreseeable future, and the exclusion of all non-essential visitors
    • The enforcement of social distancing for all essential-visitors, including ensuring they do not remain in the centre for longer than necessary
    • Enforcing a strict exclusion policy for children or staff that exhibit any cold or flu like symptoms
    • Enforcing a strict exclusion policy for any child or staff member where they:
      • have recently returned from overseas; or
      • have had contact with someone who recently returned from overseas.
    • Requiring written medical clearance from a treating doctor for any child or staff member who had previously exhibited cold or flu like symptoms prior to their return to the Centre


At AMIGA we distinguish ourselves from other childcare centres because we truly believe an outstanding education is essential in determining a child’s future opportunities and wellbeing. We consider that this belief is shared by all the parents that choose to attend our centres.

 As such, from the end of next week we will be making available ONLINE MONTESSORI MATERIALS for your children to complete at home. This will allow your children to continue to learn and grow during this essential stage of their development. These online materials will be given to all parents enrolled in our centres. They will be provided through our online learning portal Tapestry. Materials will be provided each Monday. More information about the specifics of this program will become available at the end of this week. Together our community will endure through the coronavirus, and we believe this measure will ensure the least disruption to your children’s growth and development during this time.



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