AMIGA Montessori Officer Fields

   Opening Late 2024


The AMIGA Montessori method of early learning is an internationally renowned and awarded structured learning model proven* to give children under five an advantage in Reading, maths, english, creative writing, social skills, academic skills and the ability to problem solve and adapt.

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Nurturing Young Minds

About of Our Beautiful AMIGA Montessori Centre’s

At the heart of the AMIGA Montessori method is the fact that children learn best when they drive their learning experience through their own interests and passions, at their own pace, and when their imagination is able to thrive without clutter and overload.

Purpose Built Childcare Centre's

Professionally Trained staff

Open for 50 Weeks a Year

Montessori Education Program

CCS - Child Care Subsidy available

Government funded kindergarten program

Meals Prepared and Cooked for By Our wonderful Chefs

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427 Brown Road, Officer VIC Australia 3809 

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